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                        ” How do I get Followers on Twitter?”,

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                       ” How do I get more Followers on Twitter?”



The Ultimate Twitter Management Software

TweetsBot allows you to find your next customer, client, or record contract.  This revolutionary software allows you to locate clients who live in your area and who have an interest in what you do or you can target the whole world!  So if you are a songwriter, you can locate recording studios and people who will like your style of music.  If  you are an entrepreneur, then you can target clients who have an interest in your product or service anywhere in the world!   There are over 25 amazing features packed into TweetsBot to help you do just that.   If you are looking for how to get more followers on twitter, you don’t have to look any further!


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TweetsBot  Is Stuffed With  25 Features

Word Search.

Find people to follow based on targeted keywords, exact phrases, hashtags, and languages. You can also enter negative keywords to exclude specific keywords

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Place Search.

Geo-Target followers based on your keywords and their location. Perfect for local businesses to find potential new customers that are talking about their keywords

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Bio Search.

Find people to follow based on their interests and likes listed in their Twitter Bio. Using keywords to search Bio’s are highly targeted. If a user has taken the time

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Target By Occupation.

Perfect for finding people to follow that are professionals in a specific industry related to your own business or industry. Great for locating potential new customers

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Word Search

Follow Based User.

Input the username of a specific Twitter user that has a lot in common with your particular business or industry. Download that users followers or friends

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Follow Back.

Automatically follow back users that are following you. Saves you a lot of time and energy. Choose to simply follow them back or message them. Or do both at once

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Easily determine which of the people you are following that are not following you back and then quickly and easily unfollow those users by setting up a new task.

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Single Tweet.

Simply enter the message you want to tweet out and Tweetsbot will automatically send this single tweet out from your account with no need to go to Twitter

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Auto Tweets.

Select from your lists of ready made tweets and set an interval for when you want your tweets to go out. With the click of a button you’ll be auto tweeting your messages

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Reply Blaster.

Target people that are not even following you based on keywords and reply back to those users using your ready made tweets that you saved in your lists.

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RSS Blaster.

Enter in any RSS feed link you like and Tweetsbot will convert that feed into tweets and send them out from your account. Works great with the RSS feed from your own websites.

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Direct Messages.

Easily send out hundreds of direct messages out to your followers. Use tweets from your ready made lists and get the message out about your products or offers.

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